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January 13, 2015 - The Effect of Cognitive Biases on the Mediation Process with Scott Loring at MWI. 

January 22, 2015 - Reserve a 30 minute free divorce mediation consultation at MWI in Faneuil Hall Boston.  Contact Josh at 617-973-9739 x23 or

February 11, 2015 - Following Parties Wherever They Go with Moshe Cohen

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April 10-12, 2015 - Divorce Mediation Training for trained mediators. 

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The MWI Divorce Mediation Blog serves to provide information related to the topics of divorce and mediation in Massachusetts. It is managed by Divorce Mediator Josh Hoch and the firm MWI, a national dispute resolution services and training firm located in Boston, MA since 1994.

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Relearning How to Drive with Divorce Mediation

Divorce Communication

By Sabrina R. Bohun, Mediator

During a recent observation of a divorce mediation, I witnessed a perceptive attorney raise an interesting point relative to how the parties were communicating.  The attorney (representing the wife) was doing an excellent job trying to explain court rules and procedures to both parties in an effort to work towards an agreement on the issues at hand. 

What I Learned Observing a Divorce Mediation (And Why I’m a Believer)

Wedding Crashers Mediate

My first takeaway from observing a divorce mediation was perhaps the most obvious takeaway: divorce is HARD. With so many legal frameworks for the process and so many components of life that had become intertwined over the years, I was shocked that the parties spent almost no time arguing over frequent flyer miles.

Learning from Jackie Pilossoph in the Midst of a Mediated Divorce

divorced girl

Jackie Pilossoph’s story rings true for many couples facing divorce: After facing the end of her marriage with two young children, Jackie took over a year to finalize her divorce during the times that seemed to be, in her words, the “most dark and dreary” of times. In less than six years since her divorce, though, Jackie is now the author of two websites ( and and three books (Free Gift with Purchase, Jackpot!, and Hook, Line and Sink Him) alongside her newest novel, Divorced Girl Smiling. She has regular columns on The Huffington Post, and the Sun-Times Media Local. And most of her work now focuses on divorce.

10 IRS Publications Related to Divorce and Taxes

IRS Publication 504

During divorce, one of the factors couples must deal with is taxes.  At first glance, this topic may seem overwhelming to some.   To help, we compiled a list of 10 IRS Publications that relate to divorce. 

IRS Publication 504 - Is for Divorced or Separated Individuals and explains tax rules that apply if you are divorced or separated from your spouse.

A New Option for the Parent Education Program in MA

online parent education program in MA

In Massachusetts, all parents in a divorce action are required to attend and participate at an approved Parent Education Program. The purpose of the Program is to ensure that both parents in a divorce are aware of their children’s emotional needs and understand the effects of divorce on child behavior and development. Traditionally, the Program consists of a five hour classroom session completed over the course of two days. Parents of the same child cannot attend the same program at the same time. Many of MWI's divorce mediation clients often find that busy work schedules and other obligations make it difficult to set aside time to attend this mandatory Parent Education Program. We often hear that clients want a more convenient way to participate and now they have one.

Divorce Financial Planning with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


Are you are considering or currently navigating a divorce? You probably have a lot of questions, most of which boil down to, “Am I going to be OKAY?” The reality is that everyone’s definition of okay is different and everyone’s idea of fair is different. Building a Competent and Trustworthy team of advisers that can help you determine what OKAY and FAIR really mean to your family is crucial in this emotional time of your life.

Divorce Arbitration vs. Divorce Mediation

mediation vs arbitration

By MWI Mediator & Arbitrator Anthony C. Adamopoulos

When parties facing divorce measure the delays and the emotional and financial costs involved with in-court divorce litigation, they often consider alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”).

Court litigation is a form of dispute resolution and ADR services are another form. The two alternatives are divorce mediation and divorce arbitration. While each is an effective alternative, each serves a different purpose and each has its own format. This posting will define arbitration and mediation for divorces in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Divorce Laws for Divorce Mediation Clients

massachusetts divorce laws

As divorce mediators in Massachusetts, our clients frequently have questions regarding Massachusetts divorce laws. 

Below, you’ll find helpful information and resources related to some of the Massachusetts divorce laws divorce mediation clients often find value in having more information about.

What is a 1A No Fault Divorce? - If both parties agree to get divorced, they can jointly file for divorce through a Joint Petition for Divorce. This is known as a “1A” divorce. Filing a divorce on “no-fault” grounds means that your marriage has suffered an irretrievable breakdown with no possibility of reconciliation, regardless of any wrongdoing on the part of either spouse.

5 Tips for Selecting a Divorce Mediator

Massachusetts Divorce Laws

Consumers have lots of options when choosing a divorce mediator in Massachusetts these days. What can be challenging for some is finding the right divorce mediator. While we always like getting new clients, it often bothers us to hear that people met with another mediator for a session or two before they determined he/she wasn't the right mediator for them.

To help you select the right divorce mediator before spending or wasting any money, we put a list together of 5 ways to help you find the right mediator so you can achieve a successful mediation:

Attend a Webinar to Learn About Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

divorce mediation ma info

The decision to participate in divorce mediation can be extremely difficult and raises many questions. People generally have questions they want answered before committing, including: What actually is divorce mediation? How does divorce mediation work? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Do I still need to go to court to get a divorce? And many more.

For answers to these questions and additional concerns, MWI now provides a free online 30 minute webinar. A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet.  All you need is a computer, internet connection, and phone.

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