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Reflecting on Three Days of Divorce Mediation Training

Posted by Josh Hoch

By Stephanie Bailey

I was recently able to participate in MWI's Divorce Mediation Training Program and it was incredible.

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Financial Aid Information for Divorced Parents

Posted by Josh Hoch

by John L. DeLorey, Jr., Principal - collegeplanningservices.org

Many divorced parents have questions about financial aid for college.  This article will answer some of those questions including:

1. Which parent needs to fill out the financial aid forms?

2. Are Prenuptial agreements recognized by college?

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Divorce for Grownups - Book Review

Posted by Sabrina Bohun

Divorce can conjure up many four letter words.  MWI knows that mediation can bring one to the forefront:  “Hope.”

Divorce for Grownups, written by David Magnuson, provides readers with realistic options, as well as a road map, for how to proceed through a divorce.

Although the details are specific to California where he practices, this book may help divorcing parties in any state nail down potential interests and develop options relating to their own divorce.

This blog author practices divorce mediation in Massachusetts. As such, readers will find helpful information regarding the Commonwealth and links included. MWI offers mediation in most States including Massachusetts and California.  Call 800-348-4888 x23.

Here are six highlights from Divorce for Grownups:

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Divorce by Mediation - 8 Tips

Posted by Sabrina Bohun

When couples are faced with the reality of divorce, it can be overwhelming.  There will be many decisions to make regarding how you are going to build new separate lives and how all the pieces will fit.  Mediation may help.

Divorce Mediation provides a forum for spouses to communicate confidentially in a non-adversarial environment with a neutral Mediator.  

Here are 8 tips to reach success using mediation in your divorce:

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Divorce Can Be a Real Pain in the Assets. . .

Posted by Josh Hoch

Divorce can be a real pain in the assets, but it doesn’t have to hurt … much. Why not try divorce mediation?

By Sabrina R. Bohun and Josh Hoch

Divorce mediation is a process by which couples meet with a divorce mediator to work out the terms of their divorce. A Mediator is a neutral, third party who does not give advice, impose solutions or tell the parties what to do. Instead, a Mediator assists couples in identifying the topics they need to address and provides an environment that is conducive to finding common ground.

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Divorce Mediation Infographic: Feedback From 121 Parties

Posted by Josh Hoch

"People won't get great at their jobs unless you do a great job at giving them feedback."

Every Monday through Thursday, MWI mediators provide mediation services to litigants in the Norfolk Probate and Family Court Department. Mediation is offered on site and free of charge. The mediators who volunteer their time often do so to become more effective divorce mediators.

Learning to be a mediator is like learning to drive a car.  Before you drive, you read a book, take a class, and sit in the back seat for a while.  Then you start driving with someone sitting next to you letting you know what you are doing well and when you are doing something unsafe.

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Relearning How to Drive with Divorce Mediation

Posted by Josh Hoch

By Sabrina R. Bohun, Mediator

During a recent observation of a divorce mediation, I witnessed a perceptive attorney raise an interesting point relative to how the parties were communicating.  The attorney (representing the wife) was doing an excellent job trying to explain court rules and procedures to both parties in an effort to work towards an agreement on the issues at hand. 

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What I Learned Observing a Divorce Mediation (And Why I’m a Believer)

Posted by Katie Hyten

My first takeaway from observing a divorce mediation was perhaps the most obvious takeaway: divorce is HARD. With so many legal frameworks for the process and so many components of life that had become intertwined over the years, I was shocked that the parties spent almost no time arguing over frequent flyer miles.

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Learning from Jackie Pilossoph in the Midst of a Mediated Divorce

Posted by Josh Hoch

Jackie Pilossoph’s story rings true for many couples facing divorce: After facing the end of her marriage with two young children, Jackie took over a year to finalize her divorce during the times that seemed to be, in her words, the “most dark and dreary” of times. In less than six years since her divorce, though, Jackie is now the author of two websites (www.divorcedgirlsmiling.com and www.divorcedguygrinning.com) and three books (Free Gift with Purchase, Jackpot!, and Hook, Line and Sink Him) alongside her newest novel, Divorced Girl Smiling. She has regular columns on The Huffington Post, and the Sun-Times Media Local. And most of her work now focuses on divorce.

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10 IRS Publications Related to Divorce and Taxes

Posted by Josh Hoch

During divorce, one of the factors couples must deal with is taxes.  At first glance, this topic may seem overwhelming to some.   To help, we compiled a list of 10 IRS Publications that relate to divorce. 

IRS Publication 504 - Is for Divorced or Separated Individuals and explains tax rules that apply if you are divorced or separated from your spouse.

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